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MoviePass plans to add $2 surcharge for some opening weekend blockbusters

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Mar 30, 2021, 12:50 PM EDT (Updated)

If you thought the insanely cheap option of theater binge-watching with MoviePass was too good to be true, well, you were probably onto something. Amid talk that the subscription-based movie ticketing service has been struggling lately, The Wrap reports that it now plans to add an extra $2 surcharge for certain screenings.

MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe is said to have confirmed the news on Thursday, revealing that subscribers will be able to add optional features to their baseline plan -- currently $9.95 per month -- including the ability to buy tickets to 3D and IMAX screenings, and to buy a ticket for a friend.

This is where the extra charge comes in. Currently 3D screenings are not available on the service, but they soon will be if you’re willing to shell out the extra two bucks. And you'll also have to pay the extra charge if you want to see in-demand new releases during the opening weekend (mostly) -- which you can currently see now with just the regular subscription.

In a statement, MoviePass also added that the surcharge is intended to "help drive attendance to theaters during their slow times." 

The news comes after another report by The Wrap that MoviePass owner Helios & Matheson Analytics is planning to raise at least $164 million to try to save its struggling business and improve on its stock price. Yesterday, AMC also announced that it would be launching its own rival version of the service, for $19.95 per month.

We still say that $9.95 plus a further $2 for blockbusters like this week's Jurassic World 2 is a pretty sweet deal, particularly if you’re going more than once a week. And if you've ever tried to meet a group of (MoviePass-holding) pals at the theater and all sit together at the same time, the new option of buying a ticket for a friend in advance will certainly be music to your ears. 

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