Mr. Freeze is heading to Gotham

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Dec 3, 2015, 2:22 PM EST (Updated)

Gotham has ended its midseason finale on a dark note, unsurprising for a story about the boy who will grow up to be a dark knight. And the light at the end of the tunnel will only be the glare of ice. In other words, Mr. Freeze has come to town.

SPOILERS for Gotham’s midseason finale.

Victor Fries appeared in episode “Worse Than a Crime”s stinger, a brief glimpse at the villain with a heart of snow. The popular foe differs from other Batman nemeses in that he is romantically attached. His wife, Nora, is suffering from a fatal illness, and he put her in cryo-stasis to save her life. After an accident in his lab, he was bathed in chemicals; his body temperature permanently lowered, he needs special armor to survive.

Actor Nathan Darrow told USA Today that Mr. Freeze turned to crime because of a need “to have things matter ... when somebody has a great need, or let’s say they have all of their investment in one thing, and that thing is threatened or even destroyed, how does one go on? Maybe somebody pulls back or finds something else to care about,” he said.

Of course, if you take away something a villain loves, they become even more villainous, as we saw in Penguin’s story arc. 

We’ll be getting more of Mr. Freeze — and some of Dr. Hugo Strange — when the series returns in February. 

Mr. Freeze’s appearance, or even the resolution of the Theo Galavan plotline, isn’t the only notable part of “Worse Than a Crime." In a wonderful twist, we learn that Season 2’s title, “The Rise of the Villains,” turns out to refer not to future Bat-foes like Penguin or the Riddler, but to protagonist Jim Gordon himself. The policeman went dark when he shot Galavan after letting Penguin beat him to a pulp.

The first part of Season 2 was a hell of a ride. I’m looking forward to seeing where the rest of 2 will take us.

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