Mr. Mxyzptlk causes Fifth Dimension goofiness in the latest Supergirl

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Apr 28, 2017, 1:15 PM EDT (Updated)

Spoilers ahead for "Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk," the latest episode of The CW’s Supergirl!

The short version: Mr. Mxyzptlk, an impish trickster from the Fifth Dimension, has decided he's in love with Kara. So he causes all kinds of chaos to try to win her heart. Everyone gets in Valentine's Day fights, then they all make up. Oh, and even Winn finds a girl. Well, an alien girl. But we ain't judging.

The good: Mr. Mxyzptlk (for the most part), Winn finding love, the action

Trent: Going back to the comics, Mr. Mxyzptlk is a classic villain who has typically been played as a silly trickster with godlike powers. Doing that on a CW budget, and actually making that believable in the framework of the Arrowverse multiverse is a tough sell, but for the most part they actually pulled it off. Instead of the cigar-chomping little old dude style of the comics, this version of Mxy is a handsome hipster using all his limitless abilities to try to woo Kara. They use it for one good gag when Mxy does his best Superman impression, though I really expected a few more gags. If you're going to the trouble of literally having Mxyzptlk show up in this world, why not go all-in with the crazy? Though, a nice twist for how Kara tricked him into saying his name. Predictable, but cute.

With pretty much everyone else getting love stories this season, Winn has been getting the short end of the stick ... but it turns out Valentine's Day is when the sexy aliens come out looking for love. Winn gets saved from a bar brawl by a butt-kicking alien woman who starts to fall for his geeky type of charm. The story isn't great, but considering the bad luck Winn has had up to this point, we're happy to see the guy start to find love. Here's hoping this relationship lasts a while and we get to explore Winn's goofiness while dating a strong-willed alien.

The action was few and far between, but it was solid here. The fights were on point and Mon-El's brawl with Mxy was solid stuff. Not to mention the brief repeat battle with Parasite. A nice, unexpected spectacle. Oh, and Kara shows off her Flash-style speed to save those bank robbers. A nice touch.

Dany: I'll tell you what was the most impressive aspect of this episode: all the times Melissa Benoist committed to saying "Mxyzptlk" without batting an eye. Do the scriptwriters secretly hate her? She has to say that crazy name A LOT, y'all. But Benoist really sold it. Not many people can pronounce that many hard consonant sounds in rapid succession and still keep the dramatic thread.

I also like Winn's girlfriend's alien makeup. She looks like a Bajoran and a Buffy vampire mated and the resulting ridges made a pretty butterfly shape.

And while Trent may feel differently (see below), I was mostly all right with the Maggie and Alex Valentine's drama. Okay, okay. It was a little silly, but trust me when I say that it's not so uncommon for someone to connect emotional pain with some pretty weird things when their family and/or friends disown them over something core to their identity like, say, their sexuality. Mostly, though, I just thought Alex's dress at the end was way pretty.

The bad: Wacky relationship drama

Dany: A somehow even cornier cover of The Police's "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" plays over Mon-El and Kara's big kiss. I keep thinking their pairing can't get any more dull, but ah, ah, ah nature ... finds a way. I mean, okay, Supergirl, I understand and appreciate that you also have the right to please and be pleased. I'm just saying you have way more chemistry with Lena Luthor, Mon-El's beefy pectorals be damned. Mon-El in his short shorts was nice, though. Hmmm ... where was I? Oh, right. Mon-El and Kara are BOOOOOORING. Put Kara with Lena and leave Mon-El for me. Thanks in advance, The CW!

Trent: This was the Valentine's Day episode, and the relationship drama was cranked up to 11 — and most of it was pretty clunky. Kara's first kiss with Mon-El is interrupted by Mxy's arrival, then he is obviously jealous in the most annoying of ways. Kara has to play into his annoying jealousy by breaking up with him (as part of the trap she's setting for Mxy), which is all the more annoying and obvious when the 'twist' is revealed that she was faking and totally wants to make out with him. It's just, gah. If Mon-El is this dumb and emotionally immature, maybe she really should reconsider this thing, right?

Over in Maggie and Alex's relationship, the two get into a big fight over Valentine's Day that really feels like one of those cheesy, cliche fights you see in sitcoms. We get a peek behind Maggie's tough veneer where she reveals she hates Valentine's Day because she was outed as a kid around the holiday (something Alex didn't know), and she snaps at her for trying to plan a Valentine's Day around Maggie's favorite things. Again, this fight really feels avoidable and comically overblown — proven by the fact that everyone apologizes and goes back to being happy at the end. C'mon, Supergirl. You're better than this.

The only relationship that wasn't annoying? J'onn's interplanetary message to Miss Martian. Aww.

Lingering questions

Not a lot this episode, except for the fact that Kara totally trashed Superman's Fortress of Solitude to take down Mxy. Not cool, Kara.

Next week: Papa Danvers is back?! And Cyborg Superman!

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