MTV hopes Terry Brooks' Shannara will be its Game of Thrones

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Dec 6, 2013, 3:52 PM EST

Terry Brooks' Shannara series is the best-selling unadapted fantasy book series ever, but it looks like that's all about to change.

In 1967, Terry Brooks began writing a little book called The Sword of Shannara. It wouldn't be completed until 1975 or out in the world until 1977, but the wait would be worth it -- both for Brooks and the audience he would find. With 25 books total (and three more on the way) since those humble beginnings, Brooks has become the second best-selling fantasy novelist of all time, with only J.K. Rowling herself able to best him. She has an advantage, though -- Harry Potter is a movie legend, too. 

But as we said, that's all due to change, and thanks to a very interesting team at that.

MTV is bringing Shannara to television with, get this, Jon Favreau directing and executive-producing the pilot and Smallville co-creators  Al Gough and Miles Millar producing should that pilot go to series.

If there's a more "I had this really weird dream that made absolutely no sense" team for this project, I can't think of it.

If you're wondering how team Smallville wound up aboard, we can explain. Current MTV programming president Susanne Daniels used to work with Gough and Millar back when she helped develop Smallville while being the WB Network's head of programming.

But the how of the team is less important than what's actually happening with the series itself. As of now, the plan is to begin with the second book in the series, The Elfstones of Shannara, which acts more as a world-builder than the first book. 

The good news is, Brooks himself is alive, kicking, and very much involved in the project. He seems upbeat, even, saying, "I believe we have formed the perfect team to bring Shannara to life onscreen. The adaptation of these books is very important to me, and I believe we are on the right track in our endeavor to create an epic television series that both new and old fans of the books will love."

Granted, this is early days yet, and who knows what changes the adaptation will bring, but Brooks being a part of the project at its inception is a relief.

As for MTV, they're obviously looking to cash in on both the people who currently watch Game of Thrones and the people who would watch it if HBO weren't so darn expensive.

Daniels has already had wildly unexpected success adapting Teen Wolf to the small screen, so there's a good chance that Shannara may, indeed, be in hands as good as Brooks says.

What do you think -- will you give the pilot a chance, or is the combination of people adapting Shannara just too weird?

(via The Hollywood Reporter)