MTV looking to reboot Scream for Season 3

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Apr 27, 2017, 10:51 AM EDT (Updated)

Looks like we'll have to say goodbye to Scream's current cast of surviving characters. According to a report over at Deadline, MTV is looking to reboot the horror series for Season 3.

Renewed back in October for a third season, the episode order was reduced to six (the first season featured 10 episodes, while Season 2 boasted 13, including a Halloween special). The site reports that Dimension TV has an eye to rebooting the TV show with a new storyline and characters, and claims the powers-that-be have given permission for the cast to get new jobs. Case in point: Main star Willa Fitzgerald has just nabbed a series regular role on Fox's pilot for Behind Enemy Lines.

MTV is also looking for another showrunner (this will be the third showrunner in as many seasons) to shape the concept of the new season. Word is this one will have the possibility of including existing characters and make references to the bloody events of the previous seasons, or start over with a clean slate by doing a complete overhaul of the show based on the cult horror movie franchise.

Dimension and MTV have yet to confirm the report, but if they decide to reboot the series, I personally wouldn't be opposed to it. While I thought the first two seasons was silly good fun (it's perfect when you want to shut down your brain before bed -- but that's just me), I wouldn't mind seeing a new Ghostface killer wreaking murderous havoc on a new group of teens. What about you?

(via Deadline)