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MTV Movie Awards: Halsey talks voicing Teen Titans' Wonder Woman in sweatpants

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Jun 18, 2018, 10:05 PM EDT (Updated)

Wonder Woman 1984 isn't the only Wonder Woman to look forward to in the coming year. Singer Halsey is voicing her own version in Cartoon Network's animated series Teen Titans Go! to the Movies. But while Gal Gadot has plenty of action to perform in her highly anticipated sequel, Halsey got to perform hers in sweatpants.

On the MTV Movie & TV Awards Live Red Carpet, which aired Monday night, artist Halsey spoke about her excitement to play Wonder Woman on Teen Titans Go! to the Movies, saying she's always been a big fan of the original Teen Titans.

"Huge comics fan," said Halsey. "Been collecting comic books my entire life. Actually, a big fan of the original Teen Titans series before they rebooted to Teen Titans GO! I used to come home from school, when I was in high school, every day and watch Teen Titans. I was a massive fan so when they asked me to be involved it was a no-brainer."

She went on to joke about being in the middle of the Team Marvel vs. Team DC "feuding situation," but wouldn't confirm which side she falls on, only saying it's an honor to play Wonder Woman. So perhaps we should guess DC.

"Getting to be a superhero in this day and age, where superhero movies are dominating all, I just feel very fortunate. And it was the coolest experience ever." It probably didn't hurt that she was able to wear sweatpants to record her role while Gadot was running around pregnant filming the first Wonder Woman.

This won't be Halsey's first genre vocal performance on screen, she had a role in Scooby-Doo and Guess Who? as well. And the singer said we can look forward to seeing her on the screen more in the future. Maybe she'll even get to play a superhero on the Marvel side next time.