Mumm-Ra from ThunderCats (1980)

Let it be known: Mumm-Ra likes it raaaw in Thundercats-'Shimmy Shimmy Ya' mashup

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Apr 12, 2018, 12:01 PM EDT

We knew that Mumm-Ra, the archenemy of Lion-O and the ThunderCats, was ever-living, and we knew that he knew how to set various cockamamie plots into motion. It is only today that we learned the real truth: He can also pull off a killer mic drop. 

A new video from YouTube artist Swedemason reveals this to us, by way of using Mumm-Ra's lines from the 1980s cartoon set to Ol' Dirty Bastard's "Shimmy Shimmy Ya." For the uninitiated, Mumm-Ra was an evil being that the ThunderCats encountered once they fled to Third Earth. He was a creepy, mummified old man who lived in a pyramid — but every so often he could draw on a dark power and become a hulking, rag-tattered monstrosity. He was friends with a gaggle of mutants and a guy who was half-man, half-drill. 

Mumm-Ra (the ever-living) made life very difficult for the ThunderCats, but this is the first time we're getting a little glimpse behind the ragged curtains, so to speak. What really drove Mumm-Ra? What was his secret wish? Was he all sizzle and no steak? The video reveals all of that and more. 

Give it a watch here, and be prepared to experience Mumm-Ra in a form that is as raaaw as possible. 

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