Mummy Mondays Vol. 3: Tom Cruise, Stuntman Extraordinaire

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May 8, 2017, 7:30 AM EDT

If it's a Tom Cruise action movie, you know it's going to have some crazy stunts ... and you know that Mr. Cruise is going to do most of them himself.

Tom's never been one to shy away from all the kicking, punching, leaping, falling, running and generally getting banged up in just about every way possible that many of his movies require, and The Mummy is no different. That zero-gravity plane sequence showcased in the first trailer is just a taste of the insane physicality that will be on display in the film ... and, as always, Tom's right there in the front lines, inspiring his crew and fellow cast members with his fearlessness and boyish enthusiasm.

Watch a true action star at work below. The Mummy opens on June 9.