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Mustafa Shakir on playing Bushmaster in Luke Cage Season 2

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Jun 27, 2018, 10:30 PM EDT

Who is Bushmaster? We recently went over the character's relatively brief history in comics, but the Bushmaster in Luke Cage Season 2 is a different take on his Marvel counterpart. As played by Mustafa Shakir, John 'Bushmaster' McIver can give Luke the fight of his life and nearly match his incredible strength. However, it’s Bushmaster's mind that makes him truly dangerous.

SYFY WIRE recently caught up with Shakir to speak about his role in Luke Cage's second season. According to Shakir, one of the ways he was able to fully immerse himself in the role was that he didn't judge Bushmaster or think of him as a villain. 

"You can't judge your characters. That's rule #1 as an actor," explained Shakir. "I feel like all of his motivations are noble. You have to ask yourself, if you're put in that same situation and those things happen to you, what would you do? There's some big life events to just swallow and go about your day. I think overall, he wants the best. He's looking out for his people, and it's just an overzealous way of doing it."

Shakir is also an unabashed comic book fan, but he was only vaguely familiar with Bushmaster from the comics or even Luke Cage when he was growing up. Instead, Shakir told us that he was far more taken by Alpha Flight, particularly by the twins, Northstar and Aurora, because he always wanted to have a twin sibling.

For more interesting revelations about Shakir and Bushmaster, watch the full interview below!