Shatterstar #1 close-up

Mutant favorite Shatterstar will get his own solo series from Marvel this October

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Jul 6, 2018, 1:18 PM EDT

Shatterstar, the mutant gladiator from Mojoworld who's a favorite among '90s X-Men fans and co-starred in Deadpool 2 earlier this year, is getting his own solo adventure from Marvel Comics this fall.

Simply dubbed Shatterstar, the limited series will be written by Tim Seeley (Grayson) and drawn by Carlos Villa (Lockjaw). Marvel announced the series Friday via an interview with Seeley, who cited influences for the book ranging from John Wick to A Contract with God to the comics by the character's original creators, Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza. 

“I was 12 years-old when I first saw Shatterstar in the pages of New Mutants, and I was the perfect age to be intrigued by him,” Seeley said. “The dude’s an alien gladiator! And within pages of us meeting him, he stabs himself with his own swords in order to kill the bad guy standing behind him.

“My interest in him now is more in the ‘hardboiled noir’ aspects of the character. He’s this guy whose life was violence for sport—and now he’s trying to move on from that. But it’s such a thin thread that keeps him in this new line of lawfulness, and it’s an easy one to break.”

First introduced in the pages of New Mutants in 1991, Shatterstar is a geneticallly engineered warrior -- essentially grown in a tank to be a gladiator -- from the future of Mojoworld. When he arrived on Earth as part of a mission to enlist the help of the X-Men in rebelling against Mojo, he met up with Cable and Domino and eventually joined the then-new team of X-Force. Since then he's remained a fan favorite, and starred in his own limited series for the first time back in 2005. He also appeared as an X-Force member in Deadpool 2 this year, played by Lewis Tan.

Shatterstar #1 hits comic book stores on October 3. Check out the cover for the first issue below.