My Moon hoax

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Aug 27, 2011

In February 2011 I did a live web video interview with Andrew Shaner of the Lunar and Planetary Institute where we talked about the Moon Hoax. It was a lot of fun!

Andrew just did something great for kids: he took some of the better moments of the interview, along with those from Paul Spudis, a lunar expert, and created a web page called Conspiracy Showdown. It takes some of the more widely-known claims of hoaxery and sets up short clips debunking them. Here's an example with me, talking about why the Soviets didn't blow the whistle:

Yes, for some reason he has a guy in a squirrel costume introducing the clips. It's for kids, so don't ask. If a quadrilateral sponge can live in a pineapple under the sea, a squirrel can wonder about the Moon Hoax.

Anyway, I think this is a fun thing for schoolkids, if the question of the reality of Apollo ever comes up in the classroom. And who knows? You might like it too.

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