Mysterious death of Nikola Tesla and other geniuses investigated in new Science Channel documentary

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Feb 16, 2018, 9:01 PM EST (Updated)

The death of Nikola Tesla, the scientist Elon Musk named his high-tech car company after, is to be the subject of a new documentary from the Science Channel, according to The Wrap.

Deadly Intelligence is a new series that will also investigate the mysterious circumstances behind the deaths of other scientific geniuses in addition to Tesla, which is set to air this April.

A new teaser for the show has been released, which shows that the first episode will investigate the death of Frank Olson, the American biological warfare scientist and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee who worked at Camp Detrick in Maryland.


According to The New York Times, during a meeting at the facility in 1953, Olson is said to have been covertly dosed with LSD by his CIA supervisor and plunged to his death from the window of a 13th-story New York City hotel room just nine days later.

There have been various theories over the years about his death, including the allegation of murder, after the U.S. government first described his death as a suicide, and then as misadventure. It will certainly be interesting to see what new pieces of information have been uncovered in the documentary. According to the teaser, Olson’s knowledge of the CIA was “explosive” and the documentary hints at the possibility that he could have been killed because knew too much.

There will be eight one-hour episodes in the series, following experts attempting to uncover secrets and new information surrounding the deaths of these cutting-edge scientists. Caroline Perez, vice president of development and production, Science Channel, told the site: “Innovative scientists have always run the risk of creating or discovering something so dangerous — or valuable — that others would kill for it.”

There’s no word yet on what will be uncovered when looking into the death of inventor and physicist Nikola Tesla, although it will most likely delve into the significance of one of his most dangerous inventions, the weapon of mass destruction called the Death Ray. Tesla was found dead in a hotel room, with his safe cracked open and research missing, in 1943.

As well as Olson and Tesla, the other late scientists the show will focus on include Canadian artillery engineer Gerald Bull, American rocket engineer Jack Parsons, and American researcher Shane Todd, who died under disputed circumstances in Singapore in June 2012.

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