Mysterious full-size Dalek replica left anonymously at English school

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Welcome to West Exe Learning Centre. This school has a high standard of excellence, a Dalek, nutritious school lunches, a—wait! A Dalek? The enemy of Doctor Who since 1963? But if you happened to stumble upon the school last week, you would have learned that, yes, they have a Dalek.

Better yet, no one knows how it got there.

With a headline that we didn't make up, "City school hasn't got time or space for lost Dalek," this article explains:

Schoolchildren discovered the replica cyborg and police are now trying to trace its owner. Teachers at West Exe Learning Centre, in St Thomas, were left dumbfounded when Doctor Who's arch-nemesis materialised in their building.

And despite initial excitement about such an unusual addition to the school, they are now keen for the extraterrestrial mutant to return to where it came from.

This Dalek (a replica, we might add) isn't in the best condition--overused on set? battle damaged?--and was likely stolen. The police have asked locals to contact the Exeter burglary team. (Of course, we're asking that you call UNIT.)

Why would someone take a Dalek? Why would someone leave a Dalek behind? We can only speculate that Davros left it there as part of a master plan to exterminate the children ... or perhaps just the schools.