Mysterious new Joss Whedon photo shows him with the Firefly crew

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Nathan Fillion posted a new picture today that shows him hanging out with Firefly alums Joss Whedon, Adam Baldwin, and Alan Tudyk, giving us only the clue "together again" to go by. They're mysteriously clinging to a tree and looking up at the sky, but for what?

Is this some new Firefly project? A precursor to the next installment of Dr. Horrible? Or are they just at Nathan's house watching fireworks over the weekend?

Fillion is being madly mysterious about the whole thing, which may or may not be his intent. If it is, well played sir. If it isn't, just tell us what this is all about!

Feel free to use the comments to speculate or write amusing captions.