Mythbusters' Adam Savage hosts a new preview for Syfy's The Expanse Season 2

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Dec 20, 2016

Syfy's (Corportate owner of Syfy Wire - Ed.) The Expanse is set to blast back into our orbit on Feb. 1 for Season 2, and legions of faithful fans are aligning themselves with the Earthers, the Martian Republic, the Belters or the radical Outer Planets Alliance as things heat up in the wake of the horrific events on Eros. Mythbusters' Adam Savage is a certified superfan of the series, and his unbridled enthusiasm is evident in this 20-minute video preview of the new season titled "The Expanse, Expanded," illuminating return viewers and newbies on the vast merits of this spectacular space opera.  

Check out Savage hosting this official behind-the-scenes peek at the upcoming season and tell us if you're strapped in for the full burn of The Expanse's triumphant return.  Here comes the juice!

(Via io9)

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