Mythbustin' the Moon Hoax: Part III, the video

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Jul 31, 2008

Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, the Mythbusters, were at Comic Con last week. They did a panel discussion of the show (moderated by Bill Prady, one of the producers of The Big Bang Theory), and were great (as usual).

They started off their panel with a bang -- a fantastic trailer for their upcoming episode on the Moon Hoax!

Coooooooollllll. Love the music. The show airs August 27.

I got to hang out with Adam and some of the Discovery Channel crew at Comic Con, and they were as nice, funny, warm, and charming as you'd imagine. And I'm not just sucking up; they really were a fun group.

[More pix are here in my Flickr Comic Con set. ARealGirl has many pix too!]

Adam made sure my friend A and I got front row seats for their panel, which was totally cool. And if that weren't enough... during the panel, Adam and Jamie were asked what myths they've wanted to investigate but haven't had the time too. Adam, bless his heart, didn't even hesitate: he said it was trying to see stars in the daytime, and then said (on stage and everything) that it came from "his good friend, Phil Plait, who is sitting right over here."

Yes, I totally got a shout-out from Adam freakin' Savage. Comic Con was like that. Awesome from start to finish.

And I have at least one more story to tell... but it's best for a Friday. Stay tuned. :-)

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