Nadia Pym gets a buzzy, new solo series in first look at Marvel's Unstoppable Wasp

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Dec 1, 2016

Marvel introduced a new Wasp earlier this year, and now she’s getting her own solo series. Want a peek at Janet van Dyne’s successor?

The Unstoppable Wasp series will follow Nadia Pym, who assumed the mantle of Wasp as part of Marvel’s All New, All Different line-up, and we’ll learn more about her (fascinating) backstory and how she fares as a hero in her own right. It seems Nadia spent the first half of her life in the Red Room, aka the Soviet training program that produced the Black and Winter Soldier. But instead of using just her elite killing skills, Nadia wants to change the world with her mind (and probably still some butt-kicking).

The series is being handled by Jeremy Whitley and Elsa Charretier, and Marvel promises it’ll be a fresh lens into the Marvel universe from a new character (sporting an old namesake, but still). Nadia certainly has some big shoes to fill, so check out the preview below while we wait for the first issue to hit stands on Jan. 4, 2016:

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