The Naeye kid in town

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Aug 23, 2006

Bob Naeye (it's pronounced "Noy uh") is many things: an astronomer, an editor, a writer, and a friend. He used to work for Astronomy magazine but then wised up and moved on, working for some time at Mercury magazine, and now has settled in at Sky and Telescope.

The folks there were smart enough to give Bob his own blog, called Bob's World of Astronomy, a name I find pretty funny. I don't know why they used such a bizarre URL, and didn't use more common blogging software like WordPress, so at some point I'll talk to the folks at S&T and

make fun of them ask them about that.

Anyway, Bob has an unusually lucid outlook on things astronomical (even when we sometimes disagree, I always have to concede he makes a good point -- it's just that mine is better), so you should give it a read.

P.S. I am flying to L.A. today for the WorldCon, so I'll probably be posting lightly until this evening. After that, I'll try to squeeze as much mo'blogging in as I can!

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