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Nagini is Voldemort’s mom, Ragnarok (again), and dead Tony Stark: The week’s craziest fan theories

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Nov 15, 2018, 10:00 AM EST

No matter what series they're into, fans tend to have two traits in common: They're extremely creative and not especially patient. Perhaps that's why there are so many fan theories, because fans can't help but try to predict what'll happen in Avengers 4 or explain away some obscure Game of Thrones mystery in the agonizing wait for the final season.

Sometimes these theories are right on, but for every "R + L = J" there are hundreds of very, very bad fan theories.

Each week, SYFY WIRE will round up some of the latest crazy fan theories that are making the rounds online and explain why they're so absurd. This is not a place for plausible fan theories — this is a place for debunking. This isn't to say that passionate fans should stop making fan theories; y'all should go nuts. But maybe don't believe every fan theory you read.


Nagini, the snake who was actually a person, was actually Voldemort’s Mom

J.K. Rowling made a big retroactive change to Harry Potter canon (as she is wont to do) with Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewald's problematic reveal that Voldemort’s snake buddy Nagini was once an Asian woman. But, what this theory posits, is what if Nagini was actually Voldemort’s mom?

“Okay, sounds crazy but hear me out,” writes Redditor soupycutie, demonstrating a fleeting level of self-awareness. The main “evidence” for the theory is that Voldemort (née Tom Riddle) was born on December 31, 1926, and the first Fantastic Beasts features a poster advertising that the circus Nagini is performing in will travel from New York to Europe on December 13 of that year. Also, the muggle at the orphanage “wondered whether [Tom’s mom] came from a circus” because his middle name was “Marvolo.” Also, Voldemort is awfully snake-like, perhaps because he’s literally part snake?

Rowling, who is on a mission to make George Lucas’ Star Wars Special Editions look like child’s play when it comes to retconning, loves to do stuff like this, but Nagini as Voldemort’s mom is just too much. Like, do y’all remember how much of The Half-Blood Prince was about Voldemort’s family history? The sad history of Merope Guant was a major plot point, because Merope Gaunt already existed as a character. We actually learn quite a bit about the poor witch, and at no point in Dumbledore’s research does he mention that, oh yeah, she was actually an Asian woman who was turning into a snake, went by the name Nagini, and after her husband left her, she performed in a circus while pregnant. Making Nagini Voldemort’s mom doesn’t add to the original story, it contradicts and cheapens it.

Also, there’s another part of soupycutie’s theory that involves Wormtail, in his rat form, having sex with Nagini in snake form to impregnate the snake with Voldemort. Harry Potter: fun for the whole family.

Iron Man

Tony Stark actually died at the end of the first Avengers and a time-traveling Tony replaced him

"Maybe I'm reading two [sic] much into those two seconds, or maybe I found the Easter egg," writes Redditor ch671 at the end of their fan theory post (it should be clear that it's the former option, not the latter). The theory posits that when Tony Stark fell back through that space portal after nuking the Chitauri invaders to end the Battle of New York in the first Avengers, he had actually died. An older Tony Stark from the Avengers 4 time period, using time travel, replaced him.

"There's a yellow/orange lightning kind of energy field thingy with a deep bass/sci-fi sound like some kind of energy surge, for just two seconds," the Redditor writes, suggesting that it's the Quantum Realm, as seen in the Ant-Man films.

Commenters pointed out that the glow is clearly the light from the nuclear explosion, not evidence that Marvel was using two seconds of visual effects to hint at something from a movie that wasn't in pre-production yet in order to set-up a complex time travel plot for another movie that wouldn't come out for seven years. This is just… not how movies are made.


Norse mythology’s Ragnarok will take place in Avengers 4, not Thor: Ragnarok

"In Norse mythology, Ragnarok is the 'judgment of the gods' that results in the death of all the gods, save two," writes Redditor Danishroyalty. "One of the major deaths in the story is Thor. His death is central to Ragnarok."

Thor is one of the few heroes — let alone Asgardians, who remains alive by the end of Avengers: Infinity War, so what this theory posits is that Avengers 4 will kill Thor because that’s what the Norse myths that the MCU films are so slavishly based on say needs to happen.

"I think Avengers 4 will see the completion of Ragnarok with Thor dying and/or going to Valhalla/Hel and resurrecting his people,” they write.

Listen — maybe Thor will die in Avengers 4. But, if he does, it’s certainly not going to be because Marvel’s adhering to a mythological event they already used as the title of his last movie. Avengers 4 is going to have enough going on already, and it’s not like staying faithful to the myths has ever been a concern. The mythological Thor wasn’t friends with the Incredible Hulk or Captain America in the old fables, so we’re already playing pretty fast and loose with this stuff.