Naked skepticism

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Oct 2, 2006

It's been a while since I've written about nudity.


luckily thank heaven due to fate the good news is that once again, the fabulous Rebecca has come to the rescue:

The new Skepchick calendars are available for ordering!

Some of you may remember this from last year (refresh your memory here and especially here for picture goodness). SkepChicks is a group of women who promote critical thinking and skepticism in women, a seriously under-represented group in the field (most skeptics are white guys like me). This is a serious issue, since statistically speaking women (and girls) are not represented as much as they should be in the sciences. To raise money to help send women to James Randi's Amaz!ng Meeting, Rebecca, the SkepChicks president, put together a great calendar last year featuring skepchicks. Some were in various states of undress, but not all, and the pictures were artistic, interesting, and very well-done. See for yourself (that link is mildly not safe for work-- but I'll add that October is now my favorite month, for many reasons...). The pictures have skeptical quotations on them, too.

She sold out of the calendars pretty quickly -- duh -- and several women were able to attend the meeting who otherwise would not have been able to. I think that's wonderful.

And this year she's doing it again. But in a wise move, Rebecca added a second calendar to the mix: SkepDudes! Twelve skeptical men, again in various states of repose. They include such skeptical stars as James "The Amaz!ng" Randi (I have to admit to a certain curiosity about that picture), Michael Shermer (head of the Skeptic Society, author, and columnist for Scientific American magazine), and the brilliantly funny rocker George Hrab (on one of his CDs is a shot of him wearing only punctuation, and I'm guessing some folks will find the calendar worth it for his picture alone).

Oh yeah... and me.

Yes, me,, your humble Bad Astronomer. Rebecca asked, and I can't say no to her (unless Mrs. Bad Astronomer is reading this, in which case I can easily say no to Rebecca-- not that I've ever actually had to... I mean, not that I ever need to... oh, to heck with it).

I won't give away my pose, or state of dress or lack thereof in the shot, but I will give a small teaser. Those of you eating breakfast may wish to avert your eyes:

The calendars are $20 each, or both for $35. Go on, order them!

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