Narragansett creates new line of beer in honor of H.P. Lovecraft

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Jan 12, 2015, 4:53 PM EST

To celebrate their 125th anniversary, Rhode Island's Narragansett Brewery has created a horrifyingly awesome new line of beers in honor of a local legend who shares the same birth year: H.P. Lovecraft.  Ever since re-emerging in 2005, the brewery has made a point to stay true to its historical roots as well as keeping the brand as local as possible. The Lovecraft line promises to do exactly that, with each beer in the four-part series being directly inspired by certain Lovecraft works. According to Narragansett Beer President Mark Hellendrung, the idea came from one of their 'Gansett girls, who happens to be a librarian and tipped them off to the overlap of Lovecraft's birth year and the brewery's founding in 1890. 

Their first release, "Lovecraft Honey Ale" features Summit and El Dolorado hops, honey and five different types of malt, one of which is a honey malt and is 7 percent alcohol by volume. The beer is Narragansett's take on a space mead drunk by a winged creature in Lovecraft's "The Festival". Narangasanset chose Lovecraft's idol Edgar Allan Poe's birthday, Jan. 19, as the release date. 

Narragansett's second brew, "Innsmouth" -- named for Lovecraft's "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" -- is expected out in April. No word on whether a Cthulhu-inspired offering is in the works, but  we can't even begin to imagine what that would taste like.