NASA cancels environmental satellites

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Jun 12, 2006

This morning , I posted about NASA admitting a White House appointee tried to suppress science dealing with global warming.

At about the same time, a report has come out that NASA is canceling or delaying two different satellites that will, in part, monitor the impact of global warming.

I'm getting email about this, with some people claiming that NASA is once again suppressing global warming science. While this is certainly interesting, it is too big a leap to link the two. For one thing, there appeared to be only one guy suppressing science, and he's gone. For another, NASA has been canceling a whole slew of science missions, so it's not surprising that some of these will be Earth-observing missions. Earth science has taken a severe hit at NASA as well as space science has lately.

But whether or not this blow to science is politically motivated or not, it's still a pretty crappy thing to have happen. Simply put, Congress needs to give NASA more money so they can continue to fund science missions and still finance going back to the Moon. And I'll have more about that later as well.

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