A NASA engineer explains the best way to build a real-life Death Star

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Dec 10, 2015

The Death Star is one of the most iconic pieces of sci-fi lore, partially because it’s something so utterly terrifying that it remains menacing all these decades later. But, at least according to a NASA engineer, the Empire was not thinking very practically when they built it.

In a video interview with Wired talking all things Star Wars, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory chief engineer Brian Muirhead noted the easiest way to build a real-life Death Star would be to start with a massive asteroid and use it as a foundation for the project — not to mention you could mine it for minerals and materials used in construction. Which, yeah, actually makes total sense.

Along with the Death Star tidbit, Muirhead also touches on what it’d be like to actually fly through an asteroid field (you’d have to go really slow) and the future of the ion drives that power ships in the Star Wars universe (the ones we have now need to get a whole lot stronger).

Check out the video package below and let us know what you think:


(Via Wired)

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