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(Credit: Mark Rober)

NASA engineer pulls a James Bond with snazzy thief-busting, glitter-bombing gadget

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Dec 19, 2018

If Q ever made a contraption this exceptional, James Bond would have no trouble making the world safe for glitter parties. Or maybe that's more Austin Powers' purvey?

Either way, former NASA JPL engineer Mark Rober’s custom-built bait package is, no doubt, the envy of Ben Whishaw, Desmond Llewelyn, John Cleese, or any other actor who may have played Bond’s Quartermaster, aka Q, the head of Q Branch, Ian Fleming’s fictionalized R&D division of the British Secret Service — aka the guy with all the toys that Bond destroys in the field. 

Perhaps that’s because Q never spent nine years designing the Mars Curiosity rover, as Rober did. Or maybe because Q was never properly motivated by the real supervillains of the world: front-stoop package thieves. 

Indeed, such a brazen bad guys compelled Rober to really overdo the revenge factor, as he created a Glitter Bomb Trap engineered with four phones to geo-synch and capture the perps being covered with a pound of glorious glitter. And then, just to make sure they got the point of their stinky deeds, the Trap unleashed a second assault: fart spray. 

To be fair, Rober seems to have taken more inspiration from Macauley Culkin's Home Alone character, Kevin McCallister, then from Q, but that’s a pretty good role model too, as far as effective and well-engineered deterrents go. And the beauty of the fart spray is it pretty much guarantees the bad guys are going to ditch the evidence and allow Rober and his cloud-connected phones to retrieve the trap. 

With the police apparently uninterested in such petty thefts, it’s impressive to see Rober take the law into his own hands and give these perps their just desserts. (SYFY WIRE has reached out to Rober to see if he plans on pressing actual charges now that he’s got clear footage of the thieves, aka the filthy animals.) But perhaps that's just what we should expect from the man who built the world's largest functioning Nerf gun!

(via CinemaBlend)

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