NASA releases psychedelic new footage of Pluto, captured by New Horizons

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Dec 29, 2015

If the straight-up images of Pluto weren’t enough to get you interested in space exploration, NASA has released some psychedelic new footage captured by New Horizons’ more interesting instruments.

This colorful clip below was recorded by New Horizons' LEISA infrared imaging spectrometer during the probe’s July 14 closest approach. The discovery of water ice on Pluto was made using LEISA data shown here. The movie has been sped up approximately 17 times from its raw frame rate (or else it’d have been really, really slow), and the infrared colors that LEISA sees have been translated into visual colors.

Though we're still amazed by New Horizons' straight-up images of Pluto, it's easy to forget the probe also captured a mountain of additional data that scientists are still sorting through. It’s trippy, but very cool. If you were ever wondering what a deep-space acid trip might look like, this is a pretty good indication. Plus: science!

Check out the footage below and let us know what you think:

(Via NASAThe Verge)

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