NASA's Mars concept vehicle is what Batman would drive on the Red Planet

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Jun 11, 2017, 12:42 PM EDT (Updated)

This might just be a proof of concept, but it looks like the NASA design team is taking some inspiration from Batman’s aesthetic — and we’re digging it.

NASA has unveiled a Mars rover concept vehicle as part of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex’s “Summer of Mars” promotion. Again, it’s just a proof of concept, but this thing is friggin’ sweet. It looks like the love child of the sci-fi rover used in The Martian and The Dark Knight’s Tumbler Batmobile. But, you know, space-y.

According to the space agency, the concept vehicle runs on an electric motor and is powered by solar panels and a 700-volt battery. The rover includes two separate sections, with the front area designed for scouting and radio and navigation, thanks to GPS tech. The back section of the vehicle is a laboratory that can disconnect for autonomous research. Sadly, this one is just for the promotional campaign (so don’t expect NASA to strap it to a rocket anytime soon), but NASA could use some of these concepts in the real-life vehicles astronauts will eventually ride around on Mars.

The model was built by Parker Brothers Concepts of Port Canaveral, Florida, with the team incorporating input from NASA. It was commissioned by the Kennedy visitor complex (and built without the use of taxpayer dollars).

(Via NASA, Engadget)