Nathalie Portman slugs Loki (who likes it!) in new Thor 2 trailer

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Aug 7, 2013

The realms of Asgard and Midgard face total destruction in Thor 2, so hoist Mjolnir high ... and watch the new trailer!

We like Thor. He's a bit old-world (like, really, really old-world), but he's still got some swagger. And he'll need it for his latest Marvel offering. Times are desperate. Desperate enough that he'll need the help of his amoral brother, Loki.

So what lurked in the dark before the universe began? And can anything stop it?

We're digging the team of good guys (and Loki). Now we just need to see more of these Dark Elves and, more notably, more of Christopher Eccleston. Heroes only need be so bold as their villains. We've seen the destruction. Next, let's find out who walks in its wake.

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