Nathan Fillion adds 'Superhero Toenail Artist' to his resume

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Apr 17, 2014, 2:45 PM EDT (Updated)

The acting thing seems to be working out pretty well for Nathan Fillion, but that doesn't mean he won't challenge his own artistic versatility now and then.

The Firefly and Castle star already had welding on his list of skills, right next to acting, philanthropy, smiling winningly and being an overall treasure. Now it looks like he'll have to make room on that list for another, more delicate hobby: toenail art.

Fillion was on Conan this week, and in between tales of using an alias when ordering at Starbucks and trying to get the attention of tourists on movie-star home tours in Los Angeles, he revealed that he recently tried his hand at painting superhero logos on his girlfriend's toenails. 

"My girlfriend was looking at all this incredible toenail art online and I said 'I can do that,'" Fillion said. 

After his girlfriend asked him to prove it, Fillion got to work, and though he found it to be "a giant pain in the ass," he managed to get all 10 toes painted with pretty accurate superhero iconography, ranging from Batman to Captain America to Wonder Woman.  

"I wanted to keep it interesting for me, so the hero stuff I like, so we did one foot Marvel and one foot DC," he said. "It's not easy work, I'm gonna tell you that."

You can see Fillion's handiwork in the photo above, and see a Conan clip of him describing his efforts below. It's a nice story, but don't expect a Nathan Fillion's Nail Salon booth to open up at Comic-Con anytime soon.

(Via Nerdist)

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