Nathan Fillion alter ego asks for (and gets!) personal jetpack

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

What Firefly's Capt. Malcolm Reynolds wants, he gets ... sort of. Follow me with this, OK? It seems that artist Odessa Begay has been turning celebrity tweets into wonderfully bizarre art over at the new site Museum of Modern Tweets, where you can find Kanye West wielding a sword, Nick Jonas flying through space, and other surreal illos.

Well, Nathan Fillion—or someone tweeting as Fillion's current TV alter ego Richard Castle, at least—wanted to get in on the act. We have no idea whether the Twitter account—which currently has 25,732 followers—was set up by ABC, series creator Andrew W. Marlowe or just a fan—but that doesn't make what follows any less cool.

Last month, "Richard Castle" tweeted the following request:

And Begay came through, focusing her most recent entry on Fillion, giving him (as you can see below) a jetpack-powered pony with laser eyes, ready to protect the ex-Firefly star from any giant cobras that might threaten him.

Keep checking back at The Museum of Modern Tweets (which is an awesome site anyway) just in case they decide to show some more love for other sci-fi stars.

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