Nathan Fillion cast as new Green Lantern. (Really.)

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Dec 14, 2012

Nathan Fillion has been cast as the next Green Lantern ... wait, what?

Don't worry, fans: Fillion (Firefly) is not taking over for Ryan Reynolds in the second Green Lantern movie, assuming that the first one—due out this summer—is a monster hit. Instead, TV Guide reports that Fillion will voice the role of Green Lantern Hal Jordan in the new animated DC movie Green Lantern: Emerald Nights, due out on DVD on June 7.

In the film, a series of vignettes about various members of the intergalactic Green Lantern Corps, Jordan will act as a mentor for Arisia, a Lantern trainee voiced by Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men). Fillion said about doing the role, "I was always reading the comic books, I was always a spectator. Now I feel like I own a little piece of Green Lantern."

The Warner Animation film will also feature the voices of Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies), Kelly Hu (X2, The Vampire Diaries), wrestler Roddy Piper and singer/actor Henry Rollins.

As for Reynolds, whose big screen debut as Green Lantern arrives on June 17, Fillion said, "He's a great guy, a gem, deserves all the success that he's getting, so it's neat to have a little piece and share it with someone you know." The two actors both came up together on the ABC series Two Guys and a Girl.

How do you think fan favorite Nathan Fillion will do as the voice of Green Lantern? And should somebody give him his own superhero franchise already?

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