Nathan Fillion lays the Hammer down about a Dr. Horrible sequel

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Nathan Fillion, who played Captain Hammer in Joss Whedon's online musical Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, told reporters that the seeds of a proposed sequel were planted in the original's DVD. Whedon previously told SCI FI Wire that he is considering a sequel and will explore new forms of media with it.

"There is talk about a Dr. Horrible sequel," Fillion said in a group interview last week in Universal City, Calif., where he was promoting his upcoming ABC series Castle. "It's actually in one of the songs on the Dr. Horrible DVD commentary music." The recently released home-video version of Dr. Horrible featured a musical commentary track.

But Fillion said a sequel won't happen right away. Fillion is starting a new TV series, and Whedon is working on his own show, Fox's upcoming SF series Dollhouse. "He's busy with Dollhouse right now, and I'm a little bit busy with Castle right now, so not in the near future, no," Fillion said.

Nevertheless, Fillion said he's eager to do the sequel, as Dr. Horrible was such a positive experience. "What we did was that we all own a piece of it," he said. "It's this wonderful, new kind of idea where there are no producers involved, deciding who gets what and taking a huge chunk for themselves. We all own a piece. The contract was half a page, and it's the sweetest contract I've ever signed. I finally get a piece of one of his musicals. They call them 'Whedonverse trifectas.' If you've done three projects with Joss Whedon, you're a trifecta. Well, I was up to four, and my musical was the only one I had left. I had wanted to do that musical, and that was my chance."

As fans know, Fillion starred in Whedon's Firefly and its movie spinoff, Serenity. He also played a villain in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Firefly/Serenity fans, who call themselves Browncoats, still clamor for more. "[They come up to me] constantly," Fillion said. "I loved it. It's the best job I've ever had. It was fantastic. But nothing is on the horizon. Not yet."

Fillion also recorded the voice of Steve Trevor in an animated Wonder Woman movie, part of Warner Brothers Animation's DC comics series, out on DVD March 3. "They're actually couriering the DVD to me today, as we speak," Fillion said. "It might even be on my porch right now, so I can tell you more after today. I had a good time. I've done some voice work with those people before. They're very, very friendly and very, very kind, and it was another opportunity to, although not work alongside Keri Russell [as the voice of Wonder Woman], but work on the same project as Keri Russell." (Fillion co-starred with Russell in the independent movie Waitress.)