The Navy's new laser cannon-equipped destroyer sets out to sea on maiden voyage

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Dec 22, 2015

This ain't your daddy's tugboat, that's for sure!  One look at this futuristic new Zumwalt-class warship will have enemy armadas fleeing for solid ground.

Developed as a next-generation destroyer capable of being armed with advanced railguns and lasers, it's a triumph of technology and design that should serve our military far into the 21st century. Its alien-looking, inward slanting "tumblehome" hull slices through the deep blue sea like a hot knife though butter, the better to hunt down fleets of hostile submarines and battleships with. The USS Zumwalt recently left the Bath Iron Works along the historic Kennebec River in Maine and took to the ocean on its maiden voyage for a full schedule of rigorous sea trials, escorted by a team of tugboats. Using 60% of the total crew found on traditional destroyers, only three will be built at an estimated cost of $13 billion. The soon-to-be-christened Zumwalt is the United States Navy’s newest and most advanced surface warfare ship ever built.

Take a peek and tell us if you'd love to take this awesome angular battlecruiser out for a little Friday float.

(Via Foxtrotalpha)

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