Nazis and evil aliens wreak chaos in new trailer for full season of Stargate Origins

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Mar 5, 2018, 6:57 PM EST (Updated)

The first three episodes of the prequel series Stargate Origins are live on the Stargate Command streaming service, and now we have a fresh trailer offering up an action-packed peek at the rest of the season.

The 10-episode web series (each episode runs around 10 minutes) focuses on the 20-something version of Catherine Langford as she goes on an adventure through the ‘Gate to try and rescue her father after he is taken to an alien world by a Nazi scientist. The new trailer introduces us to an alien baddie who seems to have the upper hand on the Nazi team that went rogue through the gate.

For fans of the franchise from the SG-1 days, there are also a few easter eggs to note. Most notably, a Jaffa staff weapon taking aim at the camera.


Though it’s admittedly a bit low budget, the period set series is still shaping up to be a lot of fun, featuring some SG-1 style humor and action with a heaping dose of Indiana Jones vibes to tie it all together. For a franchise that’s been on ice for years, it’s a welcome adventure for fans.

The series itself marks the first new content in the franchise in almost seven years, and has fans holding out a bit of hope it could eventually lead to a full-fledged revival for the franchise. There are no shortage of ideas for how that could work (and rumors a revival could already be on the way), but a source at MGM confirmed to SYFY WIRE there are currently no concrete plans for the Stargate brand beyond the Origins miniseries.

Of course, that doesn’t mean things can’t change quickly in the coming months if Origins proves to be a hit. 

New episodes of Stargate Origins drop every Thursday on Stargate Command.