Grimm - "Blood Magic"

It's Grimm business when the Godfather of Death comes calling

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Apr 27, 2017, 1:50 PM EDT (Updated)

Spoilers ahead for "Blood Magic" because hey ... it's a TV Recap!

The short version: Nick, Hank and Wu investigate a string of murders that aren't what they seem. On the surface, it appears someone is indiscriminately attacking victims ... but in reality, it's a symptom of a bigger problem that plagues both the Wesen and human communities. Meanwhile, Eve goes to Adalind to learn more about the mirror dimension and how to cross over. Elsewhere, Renard's personal investigation into the tunnel leads to a confrontation with Nick. He wants answers about the symbols and their connection to Diana. And he wants them now!

The good: Dangers of dementia, Monroe and Rosalee's pledge, Renard returns

Krystal: Over the years, Grimm has done a good job of balancing escapism and reality. This week's episode was no different. When an elderly woman dies in a nursing home it spirals into a murder investigation. Why? Because she was a Wesen who, prior to her death, wogued and attacked her caregiver. When he tried to defend himself, a nurse saw his actions and assumed he was the aggressor. Later, the older woman dies and her caregiver becomes the prime suspect.

Kathie: Awesome episode. There's so many actual questions you might want to ask if Wesen were real. How dementia is dealt with in such a super-secret community would be a real problem. This ends up being a very sad solution to a problem that feels real within the context of the show.

Grimm - \"Blood Magic\"

Krystal: I really enjoyed this storyline because it tackled three major issues: dementia, assisted suicide and Wesen morality vs. human laws. One of the nursing home staff members, Dr. Landau, is a Gevatter Tod Wesen, commonly referred to as the Godfather of Death. When elderly Wesen can no longer control themselves or keep up appearances, he's called in to essentially put them out of their misery. The problem is with his latest victim an innocent man is implicated in her death. It's a difficult situation that forces both communities to take a hard look at themselves.

Kathie: The way Nick and Hank deal with the problem -- wanting to help the caregiver who's been accused of murdering the old lady while not going to war with a valuable member of the Wesen community -- showed a restraint we haven't seen from the guys lately. It's also interesting, if coincidental, that this involves two different cases the guys end up on involving dementia that happen at the same time. The first one, where a violent Wesen is killing people randomly, and the second one about a caregiver who is accused of killing an old woman, are only connected by the Godfather of Death Wesen. Still, it feels organic and works.

Although there's only a few episodes left, it's nice to see this material being tackled. Mr. and Mrs. Stanton are a sympathetic couple and their problem is a real one. Rosalee and Monroe confirm they've agreed that when the time is right and one of them loses his or her ability to control themselves to call on the Godfather of Death. As they look on, while the Gevatter Tod Wesen is doing his job and taking care of Mr. Stanton so he can die in his sleep, they see a future that could be theirs. It tugs at the heart.

Krystal: They're finally pulling Renard back into the A story. At the beginning of the season, he was so aggressive. It felt as if they were writing him into a corner. Yet it looks like he's going to be a vital part of the tunnel/symbols mystery. I'm ready for a Renard redemption arc. Get him out of that precinct and back in action.

Grimm - \"Blood Magic\"

The bad: Let's get nit-picky!

Kathie: There's not a lot to complain about in "Blood Magic," although there's not the level of humor we usually get from Hank and Wu. Except for a couple quips from Monroe, it mostly stayed serious with the dementia storyline with the episode taking only brief detours when it came to Renard's demand that Nick tell him more about the tunnel and Eve's obsession to go after Mr. Green Eyes Skull Guy even if she had to go through the mirror to do it.

The only element that really caught me was that Mr. Stanton's initial kill of the young woman was very violent and he seemed extremely strong ... yet when Nick and the gang went after him he was old and frail even after he wogued. If Mr. Stanton killed two people, even by surprise, it seems he would've given the cops a little more of a fight. I'm nit-picking here.

Mostly the character actions seemed right on the money to me. Well, everyone but Eve. She promises Adalind and Nick that she's not going to go after Mr. Green Eyes Skeleton Guy by herself and then she sees a mirror and does exactly that. It's not clear what the rush is for her, especially since a little more research might help her stop Green Eyes for good. Having a plan might be a good thing.

But what I don't like most is the fact that we only have THREE episodes left before THE END is HERE!

Grimm - \"Blood Magic\"

Lingering questions: All about Eve and WHERE ARE MY ANSWERS?

Krystal: Where the heck did Eve go?! She finally found a way to enter the mirror dimension and I'm terrified of what's on the other side. More importantly, how will this affect the rest of the group? It never ends well when one of them goes rogue. Plus it's the final season so all bets are off.

Kathie: Where are my answers? There's only three episodes left! Where's Trubel? What's up with the tunnel, the symbols, that magic mystery date of death (aka March 24), the stick, Diana, Renard being haunted by Meisner, Eve and Nick's connections to and obsession with the stick, and who the heck is Mr. Green Eyes Skull Guy and what does he have against mirrors?

Lines of the night:

"I know one thing's for sure: I'm gonna have some seriously bad hair days for a while." - Monroe on not being able to look into mirrors safely

"Oh, you don't want to take too much melatonin, Mrs. Stanton. Trust me!" - Monroe remembering his own adventure with the sleep-stealing wesen

Best line of the night:

"Do what you have to do. We're not going to interfere." - Nick to the Godfather of Death