Grimm - "The End"

It's Grimm business when NBC's Grimm finally comes to 'The End'

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Apr 26, 2017, 12:59 PM EDT (Updated)

MAJOR SPOILERS ahead for "The End" because hey ... it's a TV Recap!

The short version: The big finale picked up right where things left off, with the aftermath of the police station after it was hit by Zerstörer (aka Skull Guy) and Hank and Wu dead. As Trubel heads to the cabin to protect the kids and Adalind, Nick goes to the spice shop where the rest of the team has figured out that they need to use "the strength of one's blood" to create a nuclear potion that might be able to kill Skull Guy. The final battle culminates where it all began for Nick, at the cabin in the woods, as the team risks everything to save the children and save the world from Hell on Earth.

The good: Everybody dies, a family affair, and Schrödinger's cat

Kathie: The big finale took the story as far as it could, killing off everyone that Nick loved, except baby Kelly and Diana. After losing Hank and Wu, Nick watched as Eve, Adalind, Rosalee, Monroe, Trubel and even Renard were killed in a total bloodbath, powerless to stop Skull Guy. In the end, Nick was nearly willing to give up anything and make a deal with the Devil, even giving up the all-powerful stick, to bring those he loved back from the dead.

Krystal: "The End" was a real family affair. Just when we thought Nick was down for the count, he tapped into the strength of his blood – literally. The spirits of his mother, Kelly and Aunt Marie returned to give Nick the motivation he needed to end Skull Guy once and for all. I practically cheered when Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Kate Burton appeared. It was the first time we'd ever seen the trio share a scene.

I also love how Nick's biggest support system was a team of women. To watch all four of them, Trubel included, attack and defeat the ultimate evil gave me chills. When Aunt Marie unsheathed her knife from her cane, I knew it was over. Those ladies were ready to do damage.

Grimm - \"The End\"

Kathie: To bring the dead back to life, the writers did a play on the Schrödinger's cat theory, which Monroe had mentioned in a previous episode. It's the idea that a cat in a box with poison could both be alive and dead at the same time.

In "The End" after Nick and the Grimm ladies have defeated Skull Guy at great personal cost with everyone else dead except Trubel and the kids, Nick is pulled through a wormhole with the staff only to end up going back through the mirror at Monroe and Rosalee's house at the point he and Eve returned from the Other Place. Everyone's alive and a grateful Nick realizes that he's gotten back all that he's lost. Oh, and he finds out that Skull Guy is gone via a little inside info from Diana.

And at the end of "The End," we get an awesome little epilogue that takes place in a new trailer in the woods with a grown up Kelly and Diana headed off to meet with "Mom and Dad" and the triplets. It's a nice touch. After 20 years the Grimm gang is still fighting evil and powerful Wesen to protect the world.

Krystal side note: Trubel is Nick's third cousin? Of course!

Kathie side Note: Loved that Trubel stared down Renard, shocked that he was back in the Grimm gang fold! Fun moment!

Grimm - \"The End\"

The bad: Where's Nick and the gang, awkward timing, and Skull Guy blues

Krystal: This isn't really bad as it is slightly disappointing. In my mind, I figured the episode would end with an older Kelly and Diana – that happened. But I wanted to see the rest of the characters one last time. It was a 20-year time jump, so I assume the show's creators wanted us to remember Nick and company as their younger, vibrant selves.

Kathie: Or they didn't want to deal with who beyond "Mom and Dad" and the triplets might have survived that long. My "bad" involved all the deaths. Well, not the deaths themselves but Nick's reaction and Skull Guy waiting around while Nick takes a moment to deal with the deaths. In the police station in the previous episode, Nick stops everything to watch Wu die. He doesn't whip out the stick right away; instead, he waits until Wu dies. And Skull Guy just looms waiting for him to take a moment. That continues when Eve is killed. Nick goes to her despite Skull Guy's presence, watches her die and then tries to bring her back with the stick. We all know the point is that Nick feels each death, but it seems a little awkward. And why not use the stick before they die rather than thinking about it after they die. While the stick probably wouldn't have worked for magical reasons, I would've liked to know it wouldn't have worked while they were alive rather than after they died.

Other thoughts ... why did Diana, when she was no long under the spell of Skull Guy, not react to the fact that her mom and dad were dead in the dirt in front of her?

I think the only other real negative is that I would've liked to see Skull Guy better developed as a character. Because everything was crammed into three episodes, there's not much to distinguish him from every other Big Bad who wants to bring about Hell on Earth.

Grimm - \"The End\"

Lingering questions: Which Mom and Dad? Meisner the ghost? And which Other Place?

Krystal: When Adult Diana told Adult Kelly "Mom and Dad are waiting," who was she referring to? Adalind and Nick, Adalind and Renard, or all three? Also, we never got to see the triplets. I would have loved to see a Mini-Monroe.

Kathie: And we never got an answer regarding what Meisner was, a ghost or something else. Other than a quip by Renard, he's not addressed.

But for me, the real lingering question involves the Schrödinger's cat of it all. If the Grimm gang can be both alive and dead in different Other Places or universes, does that mean that there's another universe or Other Place where everyone's dead, where Nick's been sucked away through that wormhole never to be seen again and Trubel and the kids are the only ones left?

There are lots of other questions ... So Mamma Kelly and Aunt Marie were ghosts? Black Claw? The Royals? The Council? Will Hank ever get a girlfriend who isn't evil? Will Adalind and Eve become evil again now that they're Hexenbiests again? Will the triplets be more like Rosalee or Monroe? What can the magic staff really do? And how ... And why ... And what ... Oh, well. It was quite a ride.

Grimm - \"The End\"

Goodbye Grimm! It's been nice to know ya!

Krystal: Prior to the season premiere, I wrote an open letter about Grimm and how much it's meant to me. Nick and his band of misfits were a welcomed distraction from real life. Every week they provided a healthy dose of campy fun and escapism. Grimm always marched to the beat of its own drum and amassed a loyal fanbase because of it. It went from being "that other fairy tale show" to one of the best genre series of the last decade. So once again, thanks for the memories … and the nightmares.

Kathie: With a lot of shows that end, a new series steps up to fill its shoes eventually. That won't happen with Grimm. No other show on TV achieves quite the balance of comedy and horror that Grimm has, all the while creating a rich Grimm/Wesen universe and characters we came to love. Will there ever be another Monroe or Wu or Trubel on TV, or a hero who's gone through more than Nick or a romance truer than Monroe and Rosalee's or characters that have had a bigger character arc than Adalind and Juliette?

No, it wasn't perfect. Black Claw, the Royals and the Council were all taken out with little adieu by the writers after being developed as powerful organizations through extensive arcs. Hank never got a backstory. Diana was a creepy kid used as a convenient source of exposition. All-powerful Skull Guy's plan never made much sense.

But there were so many awesome elements that I forgave the writers when the mythology let me down. I'll miss Grimm's dark humor and Wesen of the week investigations. It was a cool monster mash with funny and tragic heroes. It doesn't get much better than that.

Grimm - \"The End\"

Lines of the night:

"If bullets won't kill him, we have to do this the way our ancestors did ... cut his head off." - Trubel to Nick about Skull Guy

"You're supposed to be on our side now?" - Trubel to Renard

"I have no regrets and I'm definitely not done." - Eve

"The strength we need, that we all need comes from our family. It's where we've always found the way and the will to fight." – Kelly Sr.

"Take good care of my grandson. I like his name." – Kelly Sr.

Best line of the night:

"He didn't know what to tell them. That this time Zerstörer did not come through the mirror anywhere in the world because in the final epic battle with the terrible beast from the Other Place, Nick Burkhardt discovered that the only way to defeat such evil was with the strength of his blood, his Aunt Marie, his mother, Kelly, and Trubel, his third cousin on his mother's side ... the power of our ancestors. And though& the people of our world would never know how close they had come to Hell on Earth, we knew because he never turned away from who he was ... a Grimm. For that reason the world was changed. Some would say it was just a myth, legend or fairy tale, but I know it's true because my father told me so." - Nick's grown-up son, Kelly

Grimm - \"The End\"

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