Grimm - Episode 612 - “Zerstörer Shrugged”

With only one episode left, it's Grimm business when Skull Guy goes all Terminator on us

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Apr 26, 2017, 3:18 PM EDT (Updated)

MAJOR SPOILERS ahead for "Zerstörer Shrugged" because hey ... it's a TV Recap!

The short version: This week, the gang uncovers Skull Guy's true motive, which is about more than acquiring a child bride. With Diana's help, Nick and Eve escape the mirror world, but their return only makes matters worse. It's March 24, prophecy day, which isn't a good thing for Nick and the gang. Renard and Adalind usher their daughter and baby Kelly off to safety, while the others attempt to stop Skull Guy in his tracks. Elsewhere, Trubel makes a surprise appearance just in the nick of time.

The good: It's a killer episode, a healthy dose of nostalgia, and Trubel's return

Kathie: As a penultimate episode, the fast-paced action easily bounces between the different groups, with the prophecy having arrived and the inevitable clash with Zerstörer headed the Grimm gang's way. Bad things happen in this episode.

While Nick and Eve manage to escape the Other Place with Diana's help, Zerstörer and his killer staff follow them into our world with him looking like a naked hunky guy who does his best Terminator impression. For some reason lots of dead bats fall from the sky. He starts killing anyone he runs into via stabbing, electrocution and snake bite, and along the way gets some clothes and begins to learn English.

Grimm - Episode 612 - “Zerstörer Shrugged”

After six seasons with none of the main gang dying, the big development is that Skull Guy (in true Terminator fashion) hits the police station killing everyone. With only Wu, Hank and Nick left, they battle him and lose big time. Wu transforms and attacks Skull Guy and is stabbed with his staff and dies. And then Hank hits the Big Bad with a machine gun, which has no effect, only to be stabbed in the throat and die. Nick is unable to save them or do anything to stop Skull Guy as he's batted away with that all powerful staff like a fly.

It's tragic and horrible and it leaves you thinking, "Did they really kill Wu? Is Hank really dead? What the ... Seriously ... Nooooooooooooo."

Krystal: This episode went above and beyond to remind us that this is “the end.” It was filled with callbacks to earlier seasons, which were seamlessly incorporated into the current storyline. From the abandoned cabin to Adalind acknowledging her rocky past with both Nick and Renard, it was a healthy dose of nostalgia.

Kathie: It was great to see Trubel return. She's been missed the last few episodes, and with Hank and Wu dead, Nick's going to need some major backup.

Grimm - Episode 612 - “Zerstörer Shrugged”

Krystal: Finally, the stick has a point (no pun intended). The writers are tying up the loose end of where it came from and what it's truly capable of. The stick is one of many shattered pieces that was originally taken from Skull Guy's staff. It’s also the main reason Nick has a target on his back. If the stick is returned and the staff is completed, its owner will be all-powerful and unstoppable.

The bad: That prophecy, Black Claw, and Odd timing.

Krystal: The prophecy is getting more and more convoluted by the week. The scene where Rosalee, Hank and Wu discuss Skull Guy's grand plan was a bit much. He went after Eve because he knew she’d come to the mirror world where Nick would follow. He also knew Nick would escape, which would allow him to crossover and get both Diana and the stick. Kudos to the actors for delivering those lines so earnestly. It was a mouthful.

Kathie: Even if all that was Zerstörer's master plan, it was a horrible plan that worked even though it shouldn't have. I also would have liked Zerstörer, to be a more chatty intelligent villain. He basically kills people and looks scary. It would be nice if some of his evil plan had come from his dialogue rather than guesses from Rosalee and gang.

Grimm - Episode 612 - “Zerstörer Shrugged”

One odd point, when Wu and Hank are killed, Nick somehow has a moment to go to them and deal with their deaths while Zerstörer hangs back waiting for Nick to finish. So is Zerstörer just standing there twiddling his skeletal thumbs while Nick is realizing his friends are dead? It seemed odd.

Also the creepy child bride thing still bothers me. Well, that and the all-knowing Diana giving everyone answers. And Trubel says that Black Claw's been wiped out. This feels like the writers just getting rid of a storyline so viewers can move on.

Kathie: But what I don't like most is the fact that we only have ONE episode left before THE END is HERE.

Lingering questions: That cliffhanger! Wu and Hank! Nooooooooooooooooo ...

Krystal: The episode literally ended with a cliffhanger. Nick is all alone at the precinct surrounded by the slain bodies of two of his best friends. That magical healing stick would come in handy right about now. Yet Nick has to keep it out of Skull Guy's sight or the world is doomed. What's a Grimm to do?

Kathie: And are Wu and Hank really dead? Really? Noooooooooooooooo ... Will Diana become a child bride and have those devil babies? And what the heck does Skull Guy want with Kelly? What's up with the dead bats? Is Meisner still haunting Renard? Why do Diana's eye glow? What happened to Kelly's magic powers? Are Eve's powers gone for good? Will Rosalee and Monroe's three Wesen babies turn out to be like mom or dad? Who's the mayor? How did Trubel wipe out all of Black Claw around the world? Why does Skull Guy's staff turn into a snake? Why doesn't Zerstörer kill Nick? How did Skull Guy know to go to the police station? And seriously, are Wu and Hank really dead? Really? Noooooooooooooooo ...

Grimm - Episode 612 - “Zerstörer Shrugged”

Lines of the night:

"Okay, this is one big existential migraine." - Wu

"None of us are who we used to be." - Eve

"The real question is, are we crazy and don't even know it." - Hank

"I love you." - Nick to Adalind as he passionately kisses her knowing he may never see her again

Worst line of the night:

"Oh, my God! That's the day ... That's the day that was predicted that the planets would align and something very bad was going to happen. This is why Skully Guy went after Eve now, so she would go after him now, so Nick would go after her now." - Rosalee

Best line of the night:

"This big stick is supposed to help him make Diana his child bride and destroy the world as we know it. So long story short, we just have to destroy the Destroyer Dude or we're toast." - Trubel