Is NBC looking to move Constantine to a new home?

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Feb 9, 2015, 5:39 PM EST (Updated)

As you may already know, fan-fave series Constantine has been struggling in the ratings and, as of a couple days ago, had yet to receive official word on being picked up for a sought-after second season. But there is hope. According to a report over at Cinelinx, NBC is juggling ideas in order to avoid canceling the DC-Comics-based TV series, and one of those ideas would be to send Constantine on its merry way to one of its cable divisions. And the front-runner in that cable division race would be ... yep, you guessed it: Syfy (Disclosure - Syfy is Blastr's corporate parent).

Sure, NBC also has other cable divisions it could turn to: USA Network, CNBC, MSNBC, Bravo, Oxygen, mun2, CNBC World, Chiller, Sleuth and Universal HD. USA Network and Chiller could be viable channels for Constantine, but let’s face it, Syfy makes the most sense. Constantine set designer David Blass also seems to think so:

Now, there's also word that the move would lead the series’ title to change from Constantine to Hellblazer and create a shift in focus to showcase more horror and comic-book elements rather than the stand-alone, procedural type of show that’s been central to the series on NBC. Frankly, as ways to save a near-cancellation show go, this sounds like a really good move. It would allow Hellblazer to push some boundaries a lot further than would have been possible on NBC, in turn reaching a broader audience (of the comic-book kind) for what is essentially a very adult comic-book series. Meanwhile, Syfy's executives have made some noise to the effect that they’re looking for a hit show that’s much more horror-centric, a la American Horror Story or The Walking Dead, and a recent marathon showing of Constantine on the network did fairly well.

What do you think? Could a move from NBC to Syfy, a retitling of the series and an increased emphasis on horror elements inherent to the comics save Constantine?

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