NBC unveils our first action-packed look at the new Berserk anime

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Dec 29, 2015

The first teaser trailer for the new Berserk anime was released by NBC Universal at its winter Comic Market 89 booth (aka Comiket, which runs from Dec. 29 to Dec. 31) in Tokyo, Japan, earlier today.

They also announced that it was set for a 2016 release but didn’t reveal the format of the anime -- be it as a TV series, a big-screen movie, a direct-to-video release or some such.

Berserk is based on the fantasy manga series of the same name created by Kentarou Miura. The new anime will portray main protagonist Guts in his “Black Swordsman” appearance, an appearance that was revealed only in later parts of the manga beyond what was shown in any of the previously animated Berserk stories.  

The “Black Swordsman” appearance was only briefly hinted at in the very first and last episode of the 1997 TV series, which is getting a new Blu-ray release of the 2012 HD remaster on April 20 in Japan. How cool is that? Very cool. In the meanwhile, the manga series will go on hiatus, with the next chapter only arriving “around” the summer of 2016, before resuming at “irregular” publishing schedules. But enough with the not-so-good news; onward with the awesome. Check out the first teaser trailer:


For those unfamiliar with the storyline, here's the official book blurb for the first volume:

His name is Guts, the Black Swordsman, a feared warrior spoken of only in whispers. Bearer of a gigantic sword, an iron hand, and the scars of countless battles and tortures, his flesh is also indelibly marked with The Brand, an unholy symbol that draws the forces of darkness to him and dooms him as their sacrifice. But Guts won't take his fate lying down; he'll cut a crimson swath of carnage through the ranks of the damned -- and anyone else foolish enough to oppose him! Accompanied by Puck the Elf, more an annoyance than a companion, Guts relentlessly follows a dark, bloodstained path that leads only to death...or vengeance. Created by Kenturo Miura, Berserk is manga mayhem to the extreme -- violent, horrifying, and mercilessly funny -- and the wellspring for the internationally popular anime series. Not for the squeamish or the easily offended, Berserk asks for no quarter -- and offers none!

The Berserk manga series is now on its 37th collected volume, which is also published in the U.S. by Dark Horse Comics. Are you guys excited about a new Berserk anime? What format do you think it'll be?

(via ANN)

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