NBC leaves door open for more Heroes

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Is Heroes doomed?

The once-flagship series' ratings have dropped, and its fans have slammed the show's meandery plots and confusing character arcs in recent seasons. But NBC executive Angela Bromstad said no decision has been made on the show's fifth season and added that the network will hear a pitch from creator Tim Kring before making one.

It's standard practice for show runners to pitch for a season renewal, Bromstad added: "They always do," she said.

Should this season be Heroes' last, the season finale will serve as the series finale, but since the show has already wrapped production on its current fourth season, there won't be time to add anything. "No, they're out of production," Bromstad said. "They've wrapped production."

Of course, Bromstand couldn't say where the season finale would leave the heroes in any event. "I can't give anything away on the Heroes finale."

She did confirm that if she renews Heroes, the show can continue to operate on its current budget without any more cuts. "Actually, Heroes has already been very responsible in having a good budget, so I don't think that we'd be looking at cutting it further," she said.

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