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Nebula's horrific past will be explored in Avengers: Infinity War

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:31 AM EDT (Updated)

Karen Gillan has been a mainstay of the convention circuit since her first series of Doctor Who as companion Amy Pond, but her role as Nebula in the Guardians of the Galaxy films has upped her popularity among comic con crowds significantly. The actress took to Florida SuperCon earlier this month for an appearance, having recently wrapped work on Avengers: Infinity War, the film that will bring every corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe together for one massive battle against Thanos.

She admitted during the fan Q&A, Cosplay and Coffee reports, that like her costar Dave Bautista, she didn't read the entire Infinity War script (though it sounds like it wasn't even an option for Gillan!).

"The funny thing is, they don't even give us scripts! So we're just getting our personal scenes, and then we shoot them and we don't even know how they fit into the story. Which is weird, but also kinda cool because then we all get to watch the film and be like, 'OOOOH,'" the actress said. She teased that Nebula "gets along with one superhero that you would never expect. It's so funny." Start your speculating.

Nebula's character arc from the first two Guardians films has been significant, as she's gone from simply Gamora's adopted sister/rival to a genuine member of the team. Gillan says even in a movie as crowded as Infinity War, that will continue.

"Without giving away any spoilers, we're definitely going to continue the arc for Nebula and find out more about her past," she said. "And actually, we're going to find out that it's even worse than we know. And we're going to see her confront all of it. It's going to be like an emotional explosion."

Nebula, in the original Infinity Gauntlet tale in Marvel Comics, has an extremely significant role in the story (we won't spoil it here), as she confronts her past and her relationship to Thanos, so even a hint of that should get Marvel fans very excited.

Avengers: Infinity War is in post-production now for a May 2018 release, while the untitled Avengers 4, also from directors the Russo brothers, and said to be very much the second half of the story, has just begun filming.

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