Neck and tubule

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Dec 15, 2006

So PZ and I are so close that we are definitely in a statistical dead heat (I am enjoying a 0.7% lead right now).

I have begged, whined, pleaded, bribed (keep those links coming!), and pandered, and I am almost out of tricks.


Rebecca had an idea: a bet between PZ and me. Whoever loses has to do something humiliating (more humiliating than losing to the other I suppose). Perhaps PZ should pose for next year's calendar? Maybe I need to kiss a squid, or adopt an octopus.

Let's get some suggestions here, folks. But hurry! Time's running short.

In the meantime, PZ has a suggestion on his site, which I will happily accept. I just have no clue what he could write about. Maybe how much he loves Ken Ham? Mwuahahahahahaha.

Vote! The polls close at one minute before midnight tonight Eastern time. And I'll be posting a list of people who promoted the BA Blog either tonight or Monday-- the list is already pretty long, and I want to make sure I don't skip anyone.

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