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Neil Gaiman calls BS on reports of American Gods behind the scenes turmoil

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Oct 4, 2018, 2:32 PM EDT (Updated)

To anyone who thinks American Gods has been going through production hell, Neil Gaiman has a bone to pick with you.

On the eve of his appearance at New York City Comic Con this weekend, the legendary scribe is shrugging off behind the scenes drama that supposedly plagued his hit Starz fantasy series American Gods, predicting its second season will fulfill fans' prayers and then some.

When asked his thoughts on original showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green exiting the show citing budgetary and creative differences with production company Fremantle Media, which subsequently tapped Heroes writer-producer Jesse Alexander to take the helm, Gaiman expressed confidence in what the latter has done so far.

"When I see stuff online with people going 'oh Season 2 is in trouble' or 'Season 2 isn’t happening' or 'Season 2 is doomed,' It’s like I’ve seen the stuff. It looks great to me, which is a lovely kind of place to be," the Sandman scribe told Deadline.

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Gaiman also dismissed reports that the leadership change roiled the production.

"You know, if there has been tensions and if there has been grumpiness and such I’ve missed it, because I’ve been making Good Omens, so I’m probably not the best person to comment," he noted. "With American Gods, what I get to do is I get to see the episodes as they get put up. I get to give notes. I get to watch them."

When pressed further, he elaborated that it's all a part of "how the sausage gets made."

"Look, the process of writing and getting stuff written, and getting a TV show made with a lot of writers is always a process. If you have a writer’s room sometimes the script is not going to work with one writer and it’s going to move to another writer, things like that, and I’m very aware that stuff like that has happened," added Gaiman.

"Otherwise, as far as I can tell it’s, at least in terms of what ends up in my email and occasional phone calls, it’s all happening fairly amicably. Those are the kind of conversations that I have so if there is grumpiness I’m kind of missing it all, which is fine because I’m over here in post-production with my own set of headaches each morning."

Despite Starz's executives boasting to the contrary, Gaiman stressed he's not involved in the day-to-day of American Gods, leaving the heavy lifting to Alexander while he pulls 15 to 20-hour days at times on his six-part BBC fantasy series, Good Omens, based on his 1990 novel with co-author Terry Pratchett.

Gaiman plans to offer up a preview of both shows at Comic Con. Season 2 of Gods premiere on Starz sometime in 2019 while Good Omens will debut on Amazon Prime next year before making its way to BBC Two.

(Via Deadline)

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