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Photo courtesy of NVE The Experience Agency and Blake Jones

Neil Gaiman surprises fans at NYCC, talks Good Omens and the healthy state of American Gods

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Oct 4, 2018, 4:45 PM EDT

Fans eager to see Amazon's Good Omens series were treated to a fun attraction at New York Comic Con on Thursday. At the booth promoting the upcoming series, attendes were taken into an "elevator," which either took them to Heaven or Hell. Once there, they were greeted by Good Omens and American Gods author Neil Gaiman himself.

Gaiman took the time to take photos with the surprised fans, and also spoke with SYFY WIRE about the upcoming series adapted from the 1990 novel that he co-wrote with the late Terry Pratchett, and about the second season of Starz' American Gods too.

Gaiman described Good Omens as "six hours of television that for good or for evil isn't anything like you've ever seen before." He added that it will be "funny and serious, tragic and glorious," and that there will be "treats for people who love the book and surprises for people to love the book." He noted that it will of course also be fun for people who haven't read the book at all.

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Credit: NVE The Experience Agency and Blake Jones

Regarding the upcoming second season of American Gods, Gaiman said: "Expect to go deeper into the soul of America, deeper into the psyche of who Shadow Moon is, and who Wednesday is."

He also dismissed rumors that American Gods is facing behind-the-scenes turmoil, noting that "it's a testament to [both original showrunners] Bryan [Fuller] and Michael [Green] that the show is as strong as it is," adding that "the news sees how the sausage is made," but what's actually important is whether you, the viewers, "enjoy the sausage."

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Credit: NVE The Experience Agency and Blake Jones

Season 2 of American Gods will premiere on Starz sometime in 2019, while Good Omens will debut on Amazon Prime next year before airing on BBC Two.

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