Neil Tyson and I talk time travel

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Jun 14, 2011

A few weeks ago I was in New York City to attend NECSS, a skeptic meeting. While I was there, I swung by my pal Neil Tyson's radio studio to record a couple of episodes of his wildly popular "Star Talk Radio" show. The first episode, dissecting science at the movies, is archived here on Discover Magazine.

The second, Time Travel at the Movies, aired over the weekend and is now archived as well. Neil, comedian Leighann Lord (standing next to me in the picture here; producers Helen Matsos and Leslie Mullen are to the right of Neil), and I talk a little bit about the science of time travel (relativity, killing your grandfather before he met your grandmother, and so on) before diving into the way it's used and abused by Hollywood.

I had so much fun recording this! Neil and Leighann are fun and gracious hosts, and it's always great to talk about movies and science. If you're a scifi dork -- and face it, you read my blog, you are a scifi dork -- then I think you'll like this.

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