Neil Tyson on Jay Leno

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Jan 19, 2009

I just heard (thanks to BABloggee Dan!) that my bud Neil Tyson will be on Leno's show tonight. Neil's a pretty good guy, and will probably do almost as good a job on the show as I would.

... OK, fine, he'll be incredible. My conscience gets in the way sometimes. But he is always pretty cool to watch; he's bombastic and erudite and other three-syllable words, too. "Terrific" comes to mind. Make sure you watch!

FWIW I tried to find a picture of Neil and me together, and couldn't find much online. I don't have any, either! Flickr turned up empty. All I found was this one, but, well, it's not really what I was looking for. :-) Here's the page that's from, if you want context.

UPDATE: Here's one! Thanks, Richard. That was taken just after the reception at TAM 6.

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