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Neill Blomkamp releases more concept art from Alien: Awakening

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Jan 3, 2018, 10:29 AM EST (Updated)

The long-awaited Alien sequel from Chappie director Neill Blomkamp, Alien: Awakening, has been teasing fans since the sci-fi trailblazer wowed audiences with District 9. Without a script and without support from anyone but Blomkamp and series star Sigourney Weaver, the movie seems pretty well dead. However, that just means that when Blomkamp releases more information about his idea that it feels even more exclusive and poignant. This is what could’ve been.

And what could’ve been is terrifying. 

Just look at these pictures that the director posted on Instagram, detailing ships, vents, and more. A POV shot of a xenomorph slithering through a tight shaft is claustrophobic enough without the lookers shoe dangerously close to the edge and the alien’s gaping maw:

The second, a look at a spaceship landing next to a working crewman, details more of the futuristic world of the series:

Despite all these teases, the project will likely never see the light of day in the version that Blomkamp wants, nor the version these pictures refer to. With the series heading in a more prequel-oriented direction under Ridley Scott’s hand, even the timeline is off for Awakening.

In fact, in a tweet posted after this article's initial publication, Blomkamp confirms just that: he's moved on.

These pieces of artwork and other pre-production materials are as much as fans will ever see of the Alien sequel that never was.