Neill Blomkamp still has plans for District 10 and The Gone World

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Jul 13, 2017, 1:36 PM EDT

Neill Blomkamp is currently lighting the web on fire with his Oats Studios short films and his Cooking With Bill 1980s infomercials, but what’s next on the big screen for the District 9 director?

While his Alien 5 pitch might dead as a doornail, Blomkamp has no intention of resting on his laurels concerning his long-planned sequel for District 9, titled District 10, as well as The Gone World, a movie based on Thomas Sweterlitsch’s sci-fi novel, which was announced back in 2015. Speaking to LRM, Blomkamp confirmed he still has plans to make both films:

“District 10 is still going to be made for sure. I would love to make that film for several reasons. There’s another film at Fox that I’m working on at the moment called The Gone World, which I love. I totally want to make those [films].

The thing, outside of Oats that you get with those films, is you’ll get a massive hundred million dollar canvas to take the audience on that journey. That’s the positive the comes with big studio filmmaking. I’m not walking away from that. I’m still creating something based on creativity, passion and freedom.”

The Gone World is described as Inception meets True Detective and follows the story of Shannon Moss, a woman part of a clandestine division of NCIS. Here’s what the book blurb says:

Shannon Moss is part of a clandestine division within the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. In Western Pennsylvania, 1997, she is assigned to solve the murder of a Navy SEAL's family--and to locate his teenage daughter, who has disappeared. Though she can't share the information with conventional law enforcement, Moss discovers that the missing SEAL was an astronaut aboard the spaceship U.S.S. Libra--a ship assumed lost to the darkest currents of Deep Time. Moss knows first-hand the mental trauma of time-travel and believes the SEAL's experience with the future has triggered this violence.

Determined to find the missing girl and driven by a troubling connection from her own past, Moss travels ahead in time to explore possible versions of the future, seeking evidence or insight that will crack the present-day case. To her horror, the future reveals that it's not only the fate of a family that hinges on her work, for what she witnesses rising over time's horizon and hurtling toward the present is the Terminus: the terrifying and cataclysmic end of humanity itself.

While I’m not sure District 9 really needs a sequel, considering Neill Blomkamp is currently churning out some pretty awesome short films, I have to admit my interest for the director’s two big-screen projects has kicked up a notch. How about you?


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