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Neill Blomkamp's alarming new sci-fi short may be the best of Oats Studio's impressive bunch

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:24 AM EDT (Updated)

Filmmaker Neill Blomkamp may already have plans to direct his next feature project, The Gone World, but he's still dedicated to pumping out captivating short films from his Oats Studios indie idea laboratory.

We've already been scared skinless with Rakka Firebase, and Zygote operating within the familiar arenas of sci-fi horror, and insatiably intrigued by God: Serengeti navigating the waters of weird fantasy. Each of these shorts exhibits an edgy originality and its own sense of acting, as a satisfying primer for a possible feature expansion should Hollywood's interests be piqued.

The latest experimental film from Oats Studios has dropped today, and it's another breathtaking exploration of the sci-fi genre, and one of the best from Blomkamp's eclectic bunch.

Kapture: Fluke is a departure from the other four shorts in that it's filmed using 100% CGI, and exists as a sort of teaser for a potential video game.

Within, Kapture Technologies and their unethical military scientists test a compact new base station/transmitter weapon that provides total control over its enemies. What could possibly go wrong?!

(via Dread Central)