Neill Blomkamp’s post-apocalyptic sci-fi short Adam: The Prophet gets an intriguing first trailer

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Mar 26, 2021, 9:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Following yesterday’s release of Neill Blomkamp’s stunning (and bloody) short Gdansk, Unity has unveiled a new trailer for Adam: The Prophet, the sequel to Adam: The Mirror (made with Blomkamp's Oats Studios), which was itself a follow-up to Unity's 2016 award-winning short, Adam.

The new short — created in real time (Unity 2017 is a real-time 3D-rendering engine used in video games) and directed by Blomkamp — is slated to premiere at SIGGRAPH Asia in Thailand on Nov. 30 local time before finally making its debut online.

The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world in which a newborn cyborg named Adam (a human whose mind has been wiped and put in a robot) is banished from a walled city with a group of his fellow cyborg prisoners and finds himself in an outpost of refugees. (This was chronicled in The Mirror, in which he is offered clues as to who and what he was before.) He eventually comes across an antagonistic tribe of human survivors in the third installment. 

The new trailer offers a first glimpse at one of the villains of the Adam universe and teases what’s to come in The Prophet, all the while featuring some truly awe-inspiring graphics.

Check out the trailer below: