Neo Tokyo rocks and rolls in 13 rarely seen Akira concept pics

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Jun 28, 2013, 10:36 AM EDT

Here's a bittersweet gallery of Akira conceptual art from various incarnations of Warner Bros.' abandoned attempts to bring a live-action version of the cult manga/anime to the big screen. 

Artists Tim Flattery (Real Steel, Transformers), Tommy Lee Edwards (The Book of Eli) and Rodolfo Damaggio (Iron Man, Green Lantern) delivered a gorgeous sampling of neon-drenched cityscapes, Tetsuo's big climax, the bowling alley, Ducati Demolitore and the Marquee bar, all created during the period 2008 to 2012, when Warners yanked the life-support plug from the troubled project supposedly for good.

With more stops and starts than a Sunday-afternoon NASCAR wreckfest, it might be time to admit that the dream of seeing Akira in the flesh may be fading into oblivion.  Until a new day of reckoning, savor the renderings of these amazing illustrators and pray somehow that this cool corpse can be resurrected.

For those eternal Akira optimists still out there ... keep fighting the good fight.  Miracles can happen.

(Via Screen Crush)